It shouldn’t hurt to be a child, says the child abuse prevention funding-stream on license plates, but setting up a new routine can sure feel painful, as my newly weaned toddler just attested for about twenty minutes as I held his tired-crying shaking body to sleep. If I didn’t have the ability to rise above my own […]

“’Razzle Motion’ would be a good name for a band,” Matt Jackson threw back at me from behind the piano when I said I thought that’s what Carlos B. Jones said. I was attempting to describe, with largely-looping hand motions, the way I enjoyed the divergence-to-marriage of their melodic/beat matrices. Resolution, instead, is what Carlos said, […]

I’ve been thinking a lot about currency, given our somewhat daunting goal to make 20 thousand dollars in less than a month. Currency, at its root, implies a sort of divine timeliness, so I’m keeping the faith that all will be well when we lead with the vision to cultivate the local parenting culture. To […]

When people keep appearing to move this project along, it feels like kismet. So, I am boldly aiming high. My friend Mary Birkel, keeping a foot-hold in business while mostly mothering, is contributing her non-profit expertise to help us with our May 2nd fund-raiser, crafting a nice sponsorship ask letter, and generally giving us a smart structure to the […]

In my dream, an anti-abortion activist sat across the table from me at a Step Up for Kids board meeting. Notwithstanding my waking-life politics of choice, I was really glad she was there. Somewhere else in that dreamscape, I was birthing a girl whose feet I clearly felt through my belly, and even after laboring […]

If the number of neurons in the human brain is comparable to the stars in the sky, it follows that creating an optimal environment to connect these bright spots is my sacred duty as a mother. New patterns are critical at this time of humanity’s crossroads on our mother planet, a time that requires the […]

Patti Ortiz coordinates the awesomely free “STEPS” kids art classes of the ‘Tis Gallery Foundation. Having worked for the past 11 years to develop the monthly coordination of local arts galleries, she is passing on that torch in order to focus on the non-profit’s development. In the meeting I was giddy to have with her, […]