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Holding Space with Liz Faller

When I bounded into Prescott College 25 years ago, I was pulled by the promise of African Inspired Dance and Drumming as part of the Expressing the Human Condition degree plan they let me design. The beat moved me, and so I had the fortune of finding embodiment of the nature-based rhythms of roots and […]


My speech for the party

I did a fun-raiser last night, and this is what I meant to say. I went a little off-paper to acknowledge those in the room, but this is what you may have missed: “Your presence is the most important thing you can give any human being.” -Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of Non-Violent Communication (NVC). Thanks for […]

Why is it Important to have Social Connections in Early Childhood?

“Regulation” is a term that refers to people’s abilities to be aware of and take care of their emotional well-being. Children’s biology and their cortisol – oxytocin are inversely related, and are out of their own control to regulate. Oxytocin is the “bonding” hormone that comes online with hugs, breastfeeding, and general closeness. When an […]

Everybody Look at Your Hands

My hands let me type, programmed, practiced. They are two kinesthetic mnemonic devices that those in child welfare use to understand the Protective Factors, and the articulated mascot of our High Five campaign. Hands help us stay connected, to manifest* our work.  It is a human need to reach out and engage, and we are […]

To my pregnant friend,

We are all so curious about the little person inside, and you KNOW, in the way of the wise woman, but you don’t know-know, you know? So.  I hope you can just be in the big-belly present. Give ‘er a pat. For a diversion, imagine me waiting with you at the grand opening to this […]

It’s Been a Minute

It has been too long and there is no time like the present. The flippancy of the phrase “It’s been a minute!” challenges my literal brain (in a good way) to exaggerate the tiny bits, because, if nothing else, that’s what it is about: expanding the little things, finding meaning in the moments, repairing and […]

Following the Fonz, and Feeling Felt

It shouldn’t hurt to be a child, says the child abuse prevention funding-stream on license plates, but setting up a new routine can sure feel painful, as my newly weaned toddler just attested for about twenty minutes as I held his tired-crying shaking body to sleep. If I didn’t have the ability to rise above my own […]

Positively Razzle Motion

“’Razzle Motion’ would be a good name for a band,” Matt Jackson threw back at me from behind the piano when I said I thought that’s what Carlos B. Jones said. I was attempting to describe, with largely-looping hand motions, the way I enjoyed the divergence-to-marriage of their melodic/beat matrices. Resolution, instead, is what Carlos said, […]

Current Currency Conundrums

I’ve been thinking a lot about currency, given our somewhat daunting goal to make 20 thousand dollars in less than a month. Currency, at its root, implies a sort of divine timeliness, so I’m keeping the faith that all will be well when we lead with the vision to cultivate the local parenting culture. To […]

Sniffing out Friends

When people keep appearing to move this project along, it feels like kismet. So, I am boldly aiming high. My friend Mary Birkel, keeping a foot-hold in business while mostly mothering, is contributing her non-profit expertise to help us with our May 2nd fund-raiser, crafting a nice sponsorship ask letter, and generally giving us a smart structure to the […]